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Membership Information

How do I join?

Newcastle Frontrunners welcomes new members and being in a club has many benefits compared to running alone, including structured training, discounted race entry and social activities. We are a running club, and so you will need to be able to run a minimum amount before you can come along to take part in our Wednesday session which is open to trial members.  You get two free runs with the club on a Wednesday before you must decide to either join or not. Our other sessions that take place on a Monday or any other time are open to members only. 

The club offers runs from 1 mile in place of a Couch to 5k programme.  Therefore you need to be able to run 1 mile non-stop at a slow pace to take part. If you are not able to do that, we would recommend you look at doing a Couch to 5k programme building up to running a mile before coming along.  There are several local organisations that offer this or you can download a C25K app on your smartphone.

If you are ready to join, please click on the JOIN US button located on the top of the page and one of our team members we will answer any questions you have and send you a simple registration form.

Standard Membership Fee

£36 per year

Standard Membership entitles you to join us at all our weekly sessions, with qualified Run Leaders and Coaches looking after you.  Full annual membership also lets you benefit from discounts on individual England Athletics certified races, as well as full voting rights, and rights of comment on all aspects of the club as well as access to the Club's TeamApp.

Our membership year is 1st April-31st March, with a portion of the fee being paid to England Athletics which currently stands at £17

Second Claim Membership Fee

£21  per year

The same benefits as for Standard Membership except the club does not register or pay the England Athletics Fee.

Pay As You Go

£2 per session

If you decide that membership isn’t for you, then simply pay £2 every time you come along for a run on a Wednesday. You will, unfortunately miss out on all the great membership benefits though which include participating in our Monday sessions and Leader Led & ad hoc runs, Grand Prix, XC and you won’t be entitled to buy our club kit or vote in the AGM.

 We still ask that you complete our online runner form to inform us of your emergency contact information.


Please note: Pay As You Go membership is currently unavailable.

Official Club Kit (members only)

£21.69 (standard price) or 

£10.44 (subsided for new members only)

Club colours must be worn at official race events if you are representing Newcastle Frontrunners.


New members are entitled to a subsided club top when they join whether that be a T-Shirt or Vest and replacements are charged at the full rate. 


These are available to order directly from the store on the TeamApp or by emailing KIT

Other Club Kit (members only)

These items are ordered directly from our suppliers, prices on their website.

Newcastle Frontrunners has a range of “NFR Branded” Winter Gear that includes: leggings, long sleeved tops, hats and hoodies. The hoody can have your preferred name sewn into it.

These are ordered directly from our supplier Here

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