Your NFR Committee

2020-21 Committee Members


Kris Bailey


I started running in my mid thirties to try and fend off the ravages of impending middle age. I was always a solo runner until joining NFR in 2017 to keep me motivated and meet like minded LGBT+ people. I joined the committee in 2018 in the role of Socials, before organising the 2020 Grand Prix season, and taking on the role of chair in Nov 2020. Usually found in the blue group and will never be seen at Cross-Country....each to their own!


Hannah Fitzpatrick


Running with NFR since 2018 and a leader since 2019 - I can usually be found running in the yellow group. My favourite distance is a half marathon. I also like cycling and am hoping to take part in my first triathlon in 2021.


Eddy Coates


Heading into my 3rd term as treasurer having run with NFR for over 3 years. An ongoing injury has forced me to spend most of this year rehabbing, improving core fitness and strengthening my leg muscles. Already starting to see the benefits, but still have a long way to go to be pain free. My 2021 goal is to achieve a half marathon pb, sub 1hr 50mins.

I’m also a keen cyclist and enjoy an annual cycling trip to the continent with friend.

Training Lead


Grand Prix Events

Kristian Burgess

Kristian B.png

Joined NFR in 2017, to meet new people, improve my fitness levels, and help support my mental health. I'm gay, but before joining the club I was struggling to socialise with other LGBT people and allies. Since joining the club I've made lots of new friends, improved my physical and mental health, and been to lots of runs, races and away trips which have helped me become more social. I want to give the same experiences I went through to others, so that they can also enjoy the benefits of being part of a great LGBT friendly running club.

This year I'm looking to give back to the club, and have joined the committee with the aim of giving members running goals they can achieve and social runs they can enjoy with others, while increasing participation in the Grand Prix. Outside of running I work in the games industry as a tools programmer, and play games in my spare time.

LGBT5k Festival of Running

Patrice Siou


Been running with NFR for just over three years now. I came late to running and only started running about 4 years ago. NFR has encouraged me to run regularly and further than ever before. Always set off too quickly and ready to stop for a breather at any opportunity. Last year I joined the committee to help put on what turned out to be a virtual LGBT 5K Festival.

LGBT5k Festival of Running & Welfare

David Rushton


I joined NFR in Sept 2019 after moving to the North East in 2017. I should have signed up sooner, I received a really warm welcome from week one and have found a renewed passion for running; making new friends in NFR has been a major part of that. I only started running any significant distance in 2014 with my first Great North Run; I haven’t really stopped since! I may be a slow and steady runner but my next goal is to complete the New York Marathon in Nov 2021 (fingers crossed that it goes ahead!).

Having lived in London for 20 years, I am now settled into life in the North East, splitting my time between work in Durham and my new home in Gateshead with my terrier, Eddie!

Socials and Communications

Jo Morrissey


Member of NFR since 2015, love the socials and the cake. Favourite runs are long sociable chatty ones with woodland or sea views. Hated cross country at school (and used to hide rather than run) but have come to love it now thanks to the team spirit of our local NE harriers league. Not that keen on getting up early in the morning unless it’s for a run or event somewhere exciting! Always up for dancing and any excuse for fancy dress.

Socials, Comms & Welfare

Jocasta Williams


A GNR ballot place in 2015 got me into running & I’ve never looked back, training first as a LiRF & then as a guide runner. Since joining NFR in 2016, I’ve discovered a love for off-road & cross country running – although it’s the cake & camaraderie that I enjoy more than the mud! Running & volunteering at parkrun is a particular passion – one of the maddest things I’ve probably done is travelling all the way to Poland to complete my parkrun alphabet.

Welfare Officers

Jocasta Williams & David Rushton