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New Club Kit Premiered

We were excited to wear our new club kit at two races this week. We premiered it at the Jesmond Joggers invitational race on Monday before donning it again at the Great North Run on Sunday.

While at first glance the design is little different from our previous kit, there is an important difference. As Steven MacDonald our communications lead says. “Our old kit had the pride colours but we've got a number of trans and non-binary members and we wanted them to be feel included and for the group to be a safe space for them, and also for them to engage with support and the community and running."

"At a time when things are difficult for many members of the community, just showcasing that on the kit seems important in terms of visibility for us, really. Our trans members really value the updated kit with the progress flag, and we want it to be supportive of all aspects of our community."

Our club logo now has the full progress flag colours underneath, and the kit has both this plus the progress flag on each side.

We are looking forward to running in the new kit at events this autumn and winter including the local cross-country league and local parkruns. New members get a subsidised top as part of their membership, so come along and join us if you want to get your hands on one if these lovely tops.


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