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Allen Dickinson-Deane

A runner for several years and a coach since 2017, I see my role as supporting runners to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Just getting out there running is brilliant and everyone has different needs and motivations to achieve that.

A keen advocate of Strength & Conditioning to help runners prevent injury, I always include S&C exercises in training plans - I know how much it has helped me & it can be fun!

When not coaching I’m happy to tackle any kind of run, pretty much anywhere, the more the unusual the better, including circumventing Uluru, a midnight half marathon in Iceland, and running Hadrian‘s Wall. Ideally there’s a coffee and cake at the end.

Russell Dickinson-Deane

I just love running, everything about it. It not only means I can indulge my passion for cake, it helps my mental health enormously. I’ve been a UKA Event Group Coach for Endurance Running since 2015, and I am passionate about helping people improve their running - be that developing a more efficient technique, better nutrition, or running further or faster. We are mainly a road-running club, so I also love to introduce runners to other disciplines - trail, fell, cross-country and track running.  


Outside of the club I’m a qualified UKA Timekeeper for track events, a Run Director at parkrun, and a Regional Councillor at England Athletics. Get in touch if you would like my support on meeting your goals. 

Stephen Garbutt

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Claire Bruce-Martin

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Andrew Stoddart "Stoddy"

I qualified as Coach in Running Fitness in 2021 after wanting to learn more about the science of running to help become a more efficient runner. I hope to use this knowledge to help others in the club achieve this too and support them with their running goals, whether that be for: weight loss; getting fitter; wanting to run faster, further or more efficiently; reduce risk of injury; or supporting them with their 1st or umpteenth goal race: 5K, 10K, HM or Marathon. There is always something we coaches can support you with.

I am a plant-based / vegan runner who loves trails, especially those that go through woodlands, along rivers or the coast. I am often covered in mud or wet to the skin through ploughing through puddles or the occasional river. I find it awesome how the power of nature can positively influence the mind, happy running.

Pete Wilcox

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Al Eccleston

- trainee coach

Al Ecc. Brief

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