Our Sessions

What we do and when


Our Monday Sessions: start at 7pm (S&C) / meet at 6:30pm (Run Dev.)

Alternate weekly Strength & Conditioning and Run Development sessions:


All good runners include strength and conditioning as part of their training.

These sessions are designed to help you reduce risk of injury whilst running by improving your agility, balance and coordination, as well as helping you run more efficiently by becoming fitter and stronger. They are suitable for all runners, no matter your experience or fitness.

We currently hold these sessions every two weeks, alternating with our Run Development session; booking is not required. These sessions are now held indoors in the Dance Hall at Sport@Kenton. Whilst walking through the centre you may need to wear a face mask.  Please bring with you a yoga style mat and a pack of resistance bands. Other items such as light weights can be substituted for items like bottles of water.

If S&C falls on a Bank Holiday, this will be replaced by an additional Run Development Session as the centre is closed.

RUN DEVELOPMENT (members only):

These are training sessions that are designed to help you run more efficiently and they are suitable for all runners who are able to run 3 miles without stopping, no matter your running experience, adding variety to your running compared to always running a set pace. Our sessions include: 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m reps; 1mi reps; hill repeats; running continuously with varying faster sections followed by recovery runs. 


We hold this session every two weeks, alternating with our Strength & Conditioning session. It is held at various places throughout the city depending on session type; booking is not required.